You are the first living

being to connect with

a solitary astronaut

abandoned for decades

in the emptiness of space.




The Stanley Parable meets Solaris in this AR story in which the message of a lonely astronaut finally reaches a living being: You.

In 1988 a secret mission propelled a young woman into space as a kind of 'living time capsule'. The project intended to communicate a story of our world to any alien life encountered.

However, due to an administrative oversight, combined with bad luck, the project was forgotten.

Now the spacecraft is calling to you. Apart from some photos, sounds and objects designed to teach extraterrestrials about humanity, the woman on board has had no contact with the world for decades. Will you answer her call?

Playing with altered states of truth, shifting perceptions, disorientation and isolation, this work is at heart about connection and belonging in an imperfect world.



Bringing stories to life in augmented reality.

The Museum of Humankind is an AR storytelling platform for iOS and Android,

founded by Rachael Thompson.

An experienced broadcast filmmaker (15 years) and Digital Producer with a background in Journalism and radio, she has held roles at ABC TV, ABC Radio and at ABC Multiplatform. Rachael's passion now lies in immersive storytelling. Her work in her Masters of Animation, Games & Interactivity at RMIT is helping to advance this field.

Rachael is also co-writer and Associate Producer on 'Love Letters to Our Trees: AR' (Wilding Productions / Two Moos), an interactive documentary in augmented reality.

Hizi aka Purple Magic is an incredible mind, soul and dev working behind-the-scenes.

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